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I am a technical architect and information security engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

I have years of experience working with a wide variety of technologies from mobile to cloud, startup to enterprise. As a qualified technical architect, network engineer and security and identity specialist, I can help deliver IT systems and services across a wide range of contexts.

Technical Architecture

Combining academic research with years of technical and delivery experience, I can architect and integrate any number of complex systems, combining skills in solution design, modelling, technical delivery and systems governance. Combined with extensive technical skills, I can provide efficient, scalable and innovative solutions to technical and business challenges.

Network Security

From firewalls to intrusion prevention, DLP to endpoint protection, I have skills in almost every facet of network and data security. This includes the design and implementation of security solutions for organisations of every size and industry. Whether you're looking to deploy a firewall in a small business to a comprehensive data protection solution in a national institution, I have the skills to bring you one step closer to project success.

Network Management

The days of network downtime are over. In today's market, your business and your clients need 100% availability and I can help deliver that. I have significant experience in a number of major network monitoring solutions (including offerings from Solarwinds, CA, Groundwork and Paessler), and additional expertise with a range of open and proprietary intrustion detection, endpoint protection and data monitoring systems. If you're looking to deploy any sort of integrated network monitoring or management solution, I have the skills you need.

Software Projects

These are all personal and open-source projects, usually a result of learning new technologies.

  • Cake Build

    I help contribute to this cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages.

  • Addins for Cake

    A series of Cake addins designed to integrate basically anything into your Cake build process. Currently includes addins for Vagrant, NSwag, AutoRest and CouchDB, and the list is growing all the time

  • Downlink

    Downlink is a simple API used to create predictable, stable and consistent download links for software releases/projects supporting Azure Storage, Amazon S3, local files and GitHub releases

  • ClickTwice

    Supercharge your release pipeline with the most advanced most configurable open-source deployment toolkit for ClickOnce applications. Build, publish, deploy, distribute and document your applications with a simple, configurable API. Also includes update management for WPF apps.

  • DynamicStore

    Deadly simple to use, with pluggable backends and customisable data models, DynamicStore is the only data access library you'll need for .NET apps. Write your own storage providers in minutes or leverage built-in Peasy.NET and CouchDB support, and cut down on boilerplate

  • Git Profile Manager

    Git Profile Manager is a simple command line application to manage 'profiles' for common Git configurations. Perfect if you contribute to multiple repositories or teams and need to change repository-specific (or global) addresses or options often.

  • Pi Frame

    A simple Flask web app for use with the Raspberry Pi as a digital photo frame. Pi Frame is so lightweight, it runs on Python and nginx, and doesn't even need X! Supports local and remote images and includes fully mobile-ready web-based control and configuration

  • Other Projects

    You can find most of my other projects and applications on my GitHub profile, as well as demos, samples and PoCs

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