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Hi! My name is Alistair Chapman and I'm an Australian InfoSec engineer, .NET developer and technical architect. While I'm currently working at Red Hat, I've also spent years doing everything from network engineering to DevOps consulting, governance research to embedded development. Currently, my passion is security architecture, cross-platform .NET and containerisation. When not at work, I'm very active in the .NET open-source community including maintaining Cake (a .NET Foundation project).


A selection of my talks and presentations. Links to recordings and slides are included where available

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.NET Fringe 2017

Using Docker to supercharge .NET development on Linux

Lightning Talk: Making cross-platform builds a piece of Cake 2018

In from the cold: making Linux and .NET get along

Becoming the Admiral: mastering Docker orchestration

Lightning Talk: How not to Docker

DDD Sydney 2017

Using Docker to supercharge .NET development on Linux

This is the longer, more demo-laden version of my Fringe talk, presented at DDD to suit it's more practical nature

Blog post with more information coming soon!

DDD Brisbane 2017

In from the cold: Making Linux and .NET finally get along

This is the full demo-laden version of the talk later given at, but unfortunately not recorded.

DevOps Brisbane

CI Playoff: VSTS and AppVeyor

A short presentation providing a fast overview of using VSTS and AppVeyor for CI/CD pipelines.

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You can reach me directly by email at [email protected]. I will reply to all inquiries, so reach out anytime.

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So you sent me an email, but heard nothing back? It happens. Google probably thinks you're spam, unfortunately. Shoot me a message on LinkedIn and I'll get right on to it.